B.Sc Interior Designing

B.Sc. Interior Designing

‘Animation brings your illusion into reality’

The UG Degree in Animation at Clusters Institute of media and technology is a full-time program that provides a deep understanding of Creativity, Perspective, anatomy, Drawing, animation techniques, and methodologies to create the finest animation works.

The program gives the students every practice necessary to build specialist skills in animation by deploying the latest in technology rather than completely relying on technology. The department has grown from strength to strength through pioneering technologies related to media. The students are guided to streamline their ideas and improve their visual communication and storytelling skills. They are given intense hands-on practice on the nuances of creating animation works for different mediums, including films, television, advertisements, games, education, and more. They are also given an insight into the latest AR, VR, and MR technologies.

Higher Secondary or equivalent

Full Time

Enabling students to give shape to their wildest imaginations is the best challenge we take up in this course through varied learning methodologies. From regular classroom sessions and group learning to studio practices, research-oriented learning, sessions from professionals, outdoor learning, internships, and real-time project works, students are taken through every effective way of learning in the three years of study.

Our lectures

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Kalaimaamani Jayachandran
Adjacent Faculty

Kalaimaamani Jayachandran is the rhythm musician of Isaignani Ilayaraja from his earliest period.