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Diploma in Fine Arts

Fine art is an activity that requires great skills or accomplishment. It is a creative art, especially visual art whose products are to be appreciated primarily or solely for their imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content.

The minimum qualification required for admission into a diploma course is passing of the Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC)/tenth standard/equivalent examination, with at least 35 percent



At Clusters Media College, you will receive a top-quality and unique educational experience.
No matter whether you need to learn the basics, or already have some more advanced experience, our Fine Art course will offer highly personalized coaching and skill-set for the artists and designers of tomorrow. We provide space and tools necessary for your artistic expression. With the keen expertise of teachers from the industry, we are able to provide professional level training while developing niche skills sets – paving the way for your success within the creative industries.

We offer Fine Arts in

  • Certification in Fine Arts
  • Diploma in Fine Arts

Drawing, sculpting, art direction, dance- all forms, music, martial arts