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‘The ability to draw and communicate visually can be no longer being seen as optional.’

Visual communication is the conveyance of ideas and information in forms that can be seen. Visual communication in part or whole relies on eye site.

The idea of visual communication is to make the capturing of information easier for the viewers so that they only have to observe and draw references.

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At clusters we offer

The minimum qualification required for admission into a diploma course is passing of the Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC)/tenth standard/equivalent examination, with at least 35 percent

Diploma in Visual Communication is a short term specialized course that will help you to choose any one of your interested specialization in visual communication degree program. You will learn the chosen specialization for the duration of one full year covering all the technical and theoretical aspects in a deep and practical approach.



Mastering the art of capturing photos via camera and processing photographs


Studying the art and writing for newspapers, magazines and websites for broadcast


Understanding fundamental principles required for a design and using it for function in our day to day life

Film production

To learn and understand the knowledge and skills required to become a filmmaker.


To learn the process of advertisements and to know the importance of their presence.

Event Management

Acquiring knowledge about necessities and logistics required for managing a event in a practical manner.

Top recruiting areas and fields

Colleges & Universities, Media Houses, Print & Production Houses, Film Production, Photo Journalism, Business Designing, Freelancing, Advertising Agencies, Advertisement Firms, and such.

Job profiles

Graphic Artist, Desktop Publisher, Customer Service Executive, Digital Photographer, Manager, Instructional Designer, Production Assistant, Media Marketing Executive, among others.