Clusters Media College

Mini-media Hub

Clusters were established with the prime motive to bring back the glory of our pride ‘South Indian film industry’, to Coimbatore.

We are the only industrial integrated media college with the most significant media production training inside our campus, with complete media production studios and labs.

Clusters Media College is a mini media hub. We offer unique degree programs in animation, film studies, media, and fine arts.

Clusters Media College has signed the memorandum of understanding with FTII (Film and Television Institute of India) and we have recognized and awarded the status of “best media college”.

Our Other Initiatives

A wide range of opportunities offered by new and established media makers

We have 20+ media production companies inside our college campus to provide our students with real-time exposure required by the industry.

Our faculty offers an excellent setting for our students to live and learn together in a friendly and stimulating atmosphere.

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