B.Sc Interior Designing

B.Sc. Interior Designing

BSc Interior Design in Coimbatore is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on the study of designing and creating functional and aesthetically pleasing indoor spaces. It involves the use of creative and technical skills to plan, design, and manage interior spaces, including residential, commercial, and public spaces. The program covers various aspects of interior design such as space planning, color theory, lighting, furniture design, building codes and regulations, and sustainability. Students are also taught how to use various design software and tools to create 2D and 3D visualizations of their designs.


BSc Interior Design Scope

BSc Interior Design is a promising field that offers a wide range of career opportunities for graduates. The scope of BSc Interior Design is vast, with graduates having the opportunity to work in various sectors such as architecture firms, interior design studios, construction companies, real estate firms, hospitality and tourism, retail and exhibition design, and many more.

  • Interior Designer
  • Furniture Designer
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Retail Designer
  • Set Designer
  • Lighting Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Interior Decorator
  • Space Planner

BSc Interior Design Syllabus

Here is an overview of the BSc Interior Design Syllabus offered by Clusters Media College:

Semester 1:

  • Fundamentals of Design
  • Drawing Techniques and Perspective
  • Materials and Finishes
  • Basic Computer Applications

Semester 2:

  • Design Process and Methodology
  • Color Theory and Application
  • Interior Architecture
  • Digital Design

Semester 3:

  • Furniture Design and Detailing
  • Building Systems and Services
  • Lighting Design
  • History of Interior Design and Architecture

Semester 4:

  • Sustainable Design
  • 3D Modeling and Rendering
  • Project Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Communication

Semester 5:

  • Professional Practice and Ethics
  • Research Methodology and Dissertation
  • Interior Design Studio 1

Semester 6:

  • Interior Design Studio 2
  • Advanced Technology and Material
  • Internship and Portfolio Development

BSc Interior Design Jobs

BSc Interior Design graduates can explore various job opportunities in the interior design industry:

  • Interior Designer
  • Furniture Designer
  • Set Designer
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Lighting Designer
  • Event Designer
  • Retail Space Designer
BSc Interior Design in Coimbatore

BSc Interior Design in Coimbatore offers an extensive assortment of designs, in diverse forms and structures, to enable students to transform their innovative thoughts into modern designs.