Certificate Course in GRAPHIC DESIGN

Certificate Course in Graphic Design

Clusters Media College offers a graphic design course specially customized by the industry veterans for the benefit of students’ quick placement. It is the art of combining text and pictures in ads, magazines or books and we give you a deep understanding about designing. This course will make the students apply the latest web standards.

Uniqueness of Clusters Media College is that we trigger the curiosity of the students through our teaching pedagogy. Here students will have workshops, challenging assignments, portfolio creating sessions in this creative field where they will be using various elements like typo graphics, images, colours, vector graphics simultaneously. The adobe applications like photoshop, illustrator, Canva are the famous tools that will be covered in this program. We also provide classes on how to design logo, brochure, flyers, pamphlets, and other branding solutions for any product.

We help the students to grow as an artist and a designer. In this competitive world, a graphic designer also has endless opportunities for game designing, digital illustration, video production, photography and in animation filed.

Career Options:

  1. Graphic Designer
  2. Logo Developer
  3. Production Artist
  4. Art Director
  5. Multimedia Artist
  6. Animator