M.Sc Multimedia

M.Sc. Multimedia

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MSc Multimedia is a postgraduate degree program that focuses on the study of multimedia technologies, their application, and their impact on various industries. It aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of multimedia design, development, and production, including web design, animation, digital video, and audio production.

The program typically covers topics such as multimedia tools and technologies, computer programming, graphic design, digital media production, project management, and user experience design. It is suitable for students who have a background in computer science, engineering, or design, and who are interested in pursuing a career in the multimedia industry.

Graduates of an MSc Multimedia program can pursue careers in a variety of industries, including advertising, marketing, web design, digital media production, animation, and video production. They may work as multimedia designers, animators, multimedia developers, multimedia project managers, web designers, or digital media producers, among other roles.

Higher Secondary or equivalent

Full Time

Enabling students to give shape to their wildest imaginations is the best challenge we take up in this course through varied learning methodologies. From regular classroom sessions and group learning to studio practices, research-oriented learning, sessions from professionals, outdoor learning, internships, and real-time project works, students are taken through every effective way of learning in the three years of study.

Game Design is a design specialization that requires aspirants to create games for laptops, PCs, mobiles as well as tablets. A sub-set of the field of video game development, Game Design requires the designer to apply design elements, design aesthetics as well as programming principles to provide users with an interactive gaming environment. To create a game, designers need to visualize characters, creatures as well as backdrops to have an engaging game in place. Game Design creates rules, goals, and challenges to define a board game, dice game, card game, video game, role-playing game, casino game, sport, war game or simulation that produces desirable interactions among its participants and spectators.

Film-making is the process of making a film, generally in the sense of films intended for extensive theatrical exhibition. Film-making involves several discrete stages including an initial story, idea, or commission, through screenwriting, casting, shooting, sound recording and pre-production, editing, and screening the finished product before an audience that may result in a film release and exhibition.

Not only the visual communication student need to learn film making, it is mandatory that an animation student also should know the art of making film and clusters focus on providing our students with all the needful.

3D animation is nothing but animating objects that appear in a three-dimensional space. They can be rotated and moved like real objects. 3D animation is at the heart of games and virtual reality, but it may also be used in presentation graphics to add flair to the visuals.

Visual effect is a term used to describe imagery created, manipulated, or enhancement of any film, or other moving media that cannot take place during live-action shooting. VFX is the integration between actual footage and this manipulated imagery to create realistic looking environments for the context. Current media productions are highly looking for Vfx artist and that is the key reason for us to include VFX as a core subject in the course.