Certificate Course in 2D Animation

Certificate Course in 2D Animation

Here we have at clusters,the right program for you! To bring characters, objects,and environment to life,2d animation employs flat, two-dimensional drawings or images.It is renowned for its distinct visual aesthetic and capacity to vividly depict fantastical settings and characters.Here we enable the students to understand the traditional animation techniques also.

The real-world perspectives are brought into the classrooms by the faculties who are animators and bring their passion to expertise the students. They will learn Adobe animate,Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator. Revolutionizing story telling with enduring characters such as Spirited away, Aladdin,etc., 2D animation has become essential part of our lives. The students will also find themselves working in exciting projects. We will also guide them through practical exercises,for both modern and traditional techniques

2D animators get to work in the wide range of disciplines such as gaming,web design, advertising, Medical and scientific visualisations. Clusters provides one of the best-in-class media education for 2d animation.

Career Options:

  1. Creative Director
  2. Fashion Designer
  3. 3D Illustrator
  4. Game Designer
  5. Logo Designer
  6. Apparel Graphic Designer
  7. Product Designer